NEXT GENERATION AFRICA 2024 – the startups attending the Italian roadshow

Time is up and we’re getting ready to welcome to Italy the 5 winning startups which stood out during the “Next Generation Africa bootcamp” in Kigali, Rwanda in August 2023. Spanning across Milan and Bologna, the Italian roadshow will be an opportunity to follow the paths of thriving enterprises, showcase business concepts, and forge lasting connections.

These startups, while operating in different sectors, truly embody the authentic entrepreneurial spirit and dynamism that’s so typical of the East African innovation ecosystem. Moreover, the founders made environmental sustainability and positive impact on their communities the core of their businesses – not just a buzzword in their pitch.

Here are the teams that will be joining us for the “Startup Africa Roadshow 2024” from 8th – 16th June:

  • SLS Energy is a clean-tech startup producing functional backup and energy storage devices for telecommunication towers by repurposing recovered battery cells from electronic waste;

  • EcoPlastile is  a circular economy startup that helps to reduce plastic waste through chemical-free processes, transforming low-grade plastic waste into high-performance, low-carbon building materials for affordable housing in Africa, while rewarding  local communities involved in the collection of the plastic waste;

  • Luna is a femtech startup providing a secure app where African women can find access to verified and trusted health products and services;

  • Shamba Pro is an agritech startup  that offers an innovative app to help small farm business owners build and manage sustainable and profitable farm enterprises, empowering them to efficiently manage resources and enhance sustainability in agricultural operations;

  • Ubuntu is an education-focused startup providing a platform for the development of teachers in Africa, centralizing services like courses, networks, communities, job searches, and up-to-date research to support teachers in their professional growth.

Would you like to meet with some of the startups or just connect with likeminded people? Join us at one of our events open to all. Book your free ticket for the “Startup Africa Day” (June, 11th at Cariplo Factory) here.

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