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Supporting agribusiness innovation in Kenya

Create Impact locally, growth globally while delivering sustainable solutions.

About the program

At the beginning of 2023,  Joule, Eni School of Entrepreneurship and BeEntrepreneurs will launch a joint initiative dedicated to the agricultural innovation ecosystem in Kenya.

The goal is to scout and select startup founders, innovators, makers and young talents who intend to develop products or services with high potential impact for local agribusinesses.

The selected startups will take part to a week of training and co-planning in Nairobi with BeEntrepreneurs and Eni teams and have the chance to win the prizes (for a total of € 30.000 in services).

We want to give brilliant African innovators the opportunity to build cooperative relationships with local stakeholders for a win-win business approach.

A sustainable and innovative agriculture for a more sustainable future!

The topics

The Kenyan startup ecosystem is taking on ever greater dynamism.

In particular, one of the areas in which innovators are measuring themselves more and more is that linked to agribusiness.

Some of the biggest challenges they are facing are:

Startup Africa Roadtrip - Agribusiness _ Agritech
Precision farming
  • Geolocation, mapping and satellites: using or manufacturing mapping technology;
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles drones: producing, distributing or operating UAVs and drones used in agriculture to study the land;
  • Big data adopted for plants analytics, risk alert and predictions;
  • Equipment or services related to irrigation;
  • Blockchain related software to help farmers do business through a trusted and secure system;
  • Artificial intelligence solutions, IoT or smart devices to facilitate farming activities
Startup Africa Roadtrip -ICT _ Fintech
Sustainable supply chain
  • Traceability, monitoring & Certifications (along supply chain);
  • Involved farmers (social sustainability);
  • Fertilisers innovation;
  • Farmers training technology;
  • Payment tools, supply chain financing or facilitating access to financial services and payment solutions;
  • Crowdfunding & Crowdfarming, raising capital for farms and livestock;
  • Farm management platform or services to help farmers perform daily activities;
  • Agri products or livestock marketplaces, providing a platform for agriculture related e-commerce
Startup Africa Roadtrip -Sustainable Economy _ Mobility
Waste, circular economy and green energy
  • Waste and residues upcycling;
  • Waste reutilization;
  • Waste management: turning waste into energy or fertilisers;
  • Renewable energy solutions for agriculture (solar-powered solutions etc.)
Benefit of Joining

Startups selected to participate in the bootcamp week will have the the chance to create long-term, valuable connections with stakeholders of the local agribusiness chain and with the Eni domain experts, an Italian multinational company known worldwide.

Furthermore, the best 3, evaluated during a final event by a jury made up of members of Eni and the Kenyan innovation ecosystem, will receive a voucher to be used in services (for a total of € 30.000).

But not only:

  • They will have the opportunity to collaborate and co-design new ideas with some of the most-influencial stakeholders of the Kenyan agribusiness chain;
  • They will also have the opportunity to network with mentors, potential investors, partners, and other interesting stakeholders;
  • Throughout the bootcamp, participants will have access to not only learning opportunities, but also exciting, engaging, and inspiring events;
  • They will have the chance to improve their early business features with tailored mentorship and tutoring, and work with experts to enhance the potential of their projects;
  • They will also have the opportunity to improve their storytelling and build compelling pitches;
  • Startups will have the chance to present their ideas to the local investor network and other influential individuals, and foster conversation with them;
  • “Seeds for sustainable energy 2023” program represents a out-of-the-box learning experience delivered by professionals using an exclusive educational methodology;
  • Participants will also have access to an always-ready archive of business tools that they can consult and use in the future;
  • All the startups will enter in our community of professionals and individuals with shared passions and ambitions!
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Why Us

The mission of BeEntrepreneurs and Joule, Eni school of entrepreneurship, is to support the growth of sustainable new businesses, by forming a new generation of entrepreneurs, through the development of core skills and the use of specific startup acceleration tools. 

Joule provides access to concrete challenges and opportunities, offers a network of first-class trainers and creates the conditions to become part of a great Community. 

BeEntrepreneurs offers a next-level accelerator and mentorship program that is built on exciting roller coasters of activities of various types and formats. 

With a team of young professionals is ready to guide startups through actionable best practices, inspiring talks, memorable group activities, and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. 

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Closing of the call for startups on 28th of February 2023

Selection of up to 10 of the best Startups from East African landscape to bring to the final sprint


The selection committee evaluates all the applications with also 1-1 in-depth meetings


Introduce our methodology and prepare startups to the bootcamp in Nairobi, Kenya


An intense journey of learning by doing and fruitful meetings with the local agribusiness chain (2nd – 5th of May 2023)

final event

Showcase your progress and take your startup to the next level!


The call is OPEN.



The startup can be based anywhere in the East African region but its product/service must have potential application/scalability in the Kenyan agribusiness chain

The average age of the team: 30 years old with diverse founders

The project should fit in one of the 3 macro agribusiness topics mentioned above and with strong social & sustainability focus

Application steps
1. Screening phase

Tell us about your team and project/ startup with detailed info about your project, revenues and customers.


  • Pitch Deck (mandatory)
  • Business Plan (optional)
2. One to One phase

Let’s get to know each other better. This is your chance to show to us your potential.


  • Pitch Deck
  • Business Plan (optional)
  • Prototype (optional)
  • Visual explanations (optional)
3. Announcement Day

We will get in touch with the team that has made it to the bootcamp in Nairobi!


  • So much excitement!
4. Onboarding

Time to e-meet your future partners, mentors and other startups. It’s a great time to show your soft skills.


  • Pitch Deck
  • A lot of.. energy!

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PROMOTERs & Institutions


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