Bridging the Educational Divide: Ubuntu Education’s Vision for African Teachers
11 June 2024

In a few years, the startup Ubuntu Education could revolutionize the African educational landscape. Ubuntu was born from the inspiration of four education professionals with a combined experience of more than 40 years. Led by David Marriott, CEO and leadership specialist with 18 years of experience, the team includes Jess King, COO and business strategist with 10 years of experience in K12, Eric Mugwiza, Technical Manager with expertise in digital transformation and IT, and Joanna Marriott, Director of Programs with 17 years of experience in early childhood education and networking.

Ubuntu Education’s mission is to address gaps in the African education system. “We all met and got to know teachers that have struggled to grow professionally simply because opportunities that would allow them to grow are inaccessible either through financial constraints or lack of physical access. We have seen how these teachers become systematically disenfranchised and feel undervalued”. This startup aims to change all that by providing an accessible platform for continuing professional development, a job board for teachers and schools, and a place where teachers’ voices can be valued in educational conversations.

Ubuntu believes that the potential of African teachers can be unlocked through an efficient network, available continuing professional development and the elevation of their collective voice. 

Ubuntu focuses on growing the education space by connecting people to discuss education in new ways. It provides opportunities for professional growth for teachers, opens channels for dialogue, and elevates educators’ voices in broader conversations about education. “It is our ultimate dream to be the ‘GO TO’ platform for people who are involved in education in Africa”.

In the next twelve months, Ubuntu plans to expand to Kenya, Rwanda, and Nigeria. By 2026, they aim to engage more than 200,000 teachers on the platform and partner with schools, EdTech companies, policy consultants and educational NGOs. “We aim to have this focus for the benefit of ALL learners, regardless of socio-economic background”. 

Participating in the Next Generation Africa program was an experience that reinforced Ubuntu’s sense of purpose: “We have felt really part of something big in the development of Africa as a whole. It is truly gratifying, and it has certainly given us a boost to our sense of purpose”. 

With Ubuntu Education’s steadfast dedication and innovative approach, the future of African education looks brighter than ever before.

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