Empowering African Women: LUNA’s Mission to Transform Women’s Health 
11 June 2024

LUNA is a startup founded by Berabose Aline Joyce, who serves as CEO. With a small but dedicated team consisting of a full-stack software developer, Christian, an expert in React Native, CMS and API deployment, an operations team consisting of Jules and Samira, a medical and wellness team, and Chibudu Nyiro as data analyst, LUNA is prompt to revolutionize the women’s health sector in Africa.

“LUNA was inspired by the need to provide African women with better access to comprehensive and personalized healthcare services, particularly focusing on menstruation, menopause, maternal, and sexual health”. Berabose Aline Joyce was inspired by her personal experience with endometriosis and the lack of women-centered care, as well as her work in the field of sexual health, where she observed the gap in treatments aimed at women and the stigma surrounding these issues.

LUNA takes on various challenges that African women face, such as late diagnosis of conditions like PCOS, endometriosis, infertility, and menopause: “We aim to improve access to sexual and reproductive health services, combating stigma and misinformation surrounding these topics” – says the founder. 

Alongside these challenges, Berabose must also tackle those related to the business she has created. Being an entrepreneur in Rwanda means moving in a vibrant and rapidly changing environment, taking advantage of opportunities to innovate and grow.  

Berabose’s entrepreneurial dream is for LUNA to become the leading provider of women’s health services in Africa, positively affecting the lives of millions of women on the continent: “We aim to launch an enhanced platform, secure regulatory approvals, expand partnerships, and refine our business model to reach more women”. In ten years, LUNA envisions itself as the platform of choice for women’s health in Africa, with a full range of services and a strong user community. 

This ambitious vision has been greatly supported by their journey with the Next Generation Africa program, which Berabose describes as transformative, providing invaluable support, mentorship, and resources to help grow and scale the venture. Berabose recommends the Next Generation Africa program for three main reasons: “it offers unparalleled opportunities for networking, learning, and growth, with access to experienced mentors, funding opportunities, and a supportive community of fellow entrepreneurs.”

 With the support of initiatives like the Next Generation Africa program, LUNA is poised to make significant strides towards its ambitious goals, empowering women and transforming lives across the continent. As they prepare to showcase their innovative solutions at the June 2024 Italian Roadshow, LUNA is ready to embark on a journey of collaboration, partnership, and international expansion, shaping the future of women’s healthcare in Africa and beyond.

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