Startup Africa LIVE – Innovators for challenging time

 Whether they’re finding new devices to take care of our health, revolutionizing mobility, safeguarding the environment or digitalizing small business these entrepreneurs are working to save the world – one innovative idea at a time.

 Are you curious to get to know their projects? Connect to our live event, on May 27th, to discover the stories of the best Ugandan startups and to dialogue with folks & orgs working to build a collaborative innovation ecosystem such as startuppers, VCs, companies, NGOs, and institutional stakeholders.

During the event, we will be presenting the outcome of our #StartupAfricaRoadtrip 2019 scouting tour.

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herhealth uganda

HHU develop health-tech solutions to help disadvantaged communities access to affordable healthy alternatives using technology, providing the HerHealth Kit: a low cost, non-invasive screening tool for urine infections anywhere. Combining also consultation and remote control for doctors.

Premium Coffee with a social impact.

Gorilla’s Coffee buys the best-unprocessed coffee from the Bwindi National Park Farmers, transforms it and sells the coffee blend to customers and business, supporting local farmers and saving gorillas.

Zembo is introducing and assembling electrical motorcycles in Uganda to help reduce the pollution caused by over 640 thousand boda bodas offering services also with charging stations and swapping batteries. In early September 2019, Zembo closed a $ 1.5 mln investment.

Trying to ease the problem of access to finance for small business owners empowering them with a tool for cashless payments.