Today we want to present you one of the “pillars” of Startup Africa Roadtrip team: Francesco Rubino.

Francesco Rubino, Startup Africa Roadtrip Team

31 years old from Manfredonia (FG), Francesco is responsible for the design and execution of our Startup training programs ( University background in business administration, corporate experience in banking as a financial and planning analyst, startup experience in Italy and abroad. Last 2 years focused on startup-corporate collaboration with and independently.

What is your biggest professional “passion”?

I’m fascinated by the transformational power of education and I’m also convinced that sharing our knowledge can support our evolution as human species.

How did you meet Startups Africa Roadtrip project?  When did you decide to join the team?

Before the summer of 2018, I stumbled upon one of the volunteers who introduced the project and I immediately was on board. I was already seeking a way to use the expertise, skills and network acquired during work and make the best use of it. Moreover, I agreed with the vision and mission of the project.

Tell us about your experience in these 2 years and what activities you manage for Startup Africa Roadtrip

Francesco Rubino, Startup Africa Roadtrip Team

These 2 years have been running too fast but if we look back we have also achieved a lotI have been involved in producing the education methodology for my area of expertise, running operational activities, and connecting the dots in regards to governmental support.

Looking back: how was the experience in Uganda in August 2019?

Francesco Rubino, Startup Africa Roadtrip Team

Without any doubt, this has been one of the most inspiring experiences of my life. In the first part of the travel, we have been working together with startups in Kampala and almost had our own daily routine. We had the chance to connect with local entrepreneurs, understanding their needs and giving support when possible. In the second part, we did travel through different countries, experienced a safari in a game reserve, met amazing people and got inspired on the way. 

What are the peculiarities of doing business in Uganda? What are the most important learnings?

Being an entrepreneur in Uganda is maybe 100 times more difficult than in Europe. If you consider that entrepreneurship is per se a complex journey, you can realize how committed you ought to be to start innovation in Uganda. And this enthusiasm should be encouraged and sustained. One of the main learning is acknowledging how powerful our action and words can be.

Why did you decide to “marry” the project?

Francesco Rubino, Startup Africa Roadtrip Team

I agreed with the mission and vision since the beginning. Moreover, I sincerely believe we all should re-think the way we use and deploy our skills, devote some of our time to teach what we had the possibility to discover. 

Do you have any funny anecdote?

We had so many funny moments throughout the whole travel. I could mention the reckless trips on Boda-Boda’s, motorbikes who can fit up to 3 people and are also the most used means of transportation in Africa. 

Why would you recommend joining our team?

I would encourage anyone who is willing to live an eye-opener experience, give back some of the value created with work or simply reflect on the goal achieved in life.

Francesco Rubino, Startup Africa Roadtrip Team

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