StartupAfricaRoadtrip started in 2017 as a collaboration between four friends with extensive expertise in business, technology, and marketing.

Our common vision was to create a cross-border collaborative network, enabling connections and opportunities to the new class of entrepreneurs in emerging countries.

StartupAfricaRoadtrip started in 2017 with a trip to East Africa to meet and discover all the places and actors in which the innovation grows.

In Africa, yes … who would have ever said that? Africa is a vast mistreated continent, often a victim of a single-issue mass media communication and far from the reality of things.

Driven by a great curiosity and desire to know the “real” Africa, we started backpacking for a “unconventional” experience: spending one month in Kampala, the chaotic capital of Uganda, meeting and relating with the actors of the local ecosystem: startups, universities, incubators and accelerators, angel investors.

When we came back home, we let all the experiences to settle for a while and it began the observation and “incubation” period of Startup Africa Roadtrip, accompanied by the questions:

How to share in Italy and Europe a different point of view on the African continent that tells the dynamism and innovativeness of the many entrepreneurial initiatives?

How to give the opportunity to get involved and live our own experience also to other friends, acquaintances, contacts?

And above all: how can we contribute to overcoming the ecosystem’s difficulties and growth by providing useful, structured and continuous support for startups and new business initiatives?

We love the opportunity we see in emerging countries: the pace of growth of the market, the difficult business and technological problems that favor those few that are smart enough to solve them, the infinite variety of use cases, the resilience and entrepreneurial spirit of people.

Through a lot of hard work, smarts, and creativity, we’ve built validated training methodology and frameworks thanks to an international, passionate and young team with an unique mission: creating and sharing a positive impact for the communities through entrepreneurship and via an international and intercultural collaboration between Europe and Africa!